Our Strategy

J&J Impact Ventures supports ongoing Johnson & Johnson commitments to fight societal challenges, including the Center for Health Worker Innovation and Our Race to Health Equity.

Recognizing the severe shortages of health workers in many communities around the world, we focus our investment efforts on access to delivery of care. We believe that digital health platforms and other technologies hold tremendous promise in accelerating and transforming provision of healthcare services in resource-poor settings.

We are building a global portfolio of impact startups and social ventures, with a particular focus on addressing low income and diverse communities. We do this in a number of ways:

  • Investing in purpose-driven health entrepreneurs
  • Building an ecosystem and supporting purpose-driven entrepreneurs whose social businesses are disruptive or transformational in nature
  • Creating a learning platform and communicating our impact investment journey

At J&J Impact Ventures, we believe in a hands-on approach, focusing on maximizing impact by investing in companies where we have expertise (domain, market, etc.) and can provide mentorship and advice.
We plan to pilot other innovative finance tools to support the entrepreneurial ecosystem, including results-based incentives and support for health-focused impact business accelerators. As part of our investment philosophy, we also apply a gender and local leadership lens to consider initiatives that are often over-looked.

Criteria for Investing

INVESTMENT VEHICLEPreference for direct investments (will consider funds)
Part of an investor syndicate
INVESTMENT STAGEPre-Series A and Series A
  • Strong product market fit
  • Business model traction; potential for scale and sustainability
  • Target annual revenue of $500K -$1M
HEALTH PROFILESInvestments in business models and digital platforms to improve:
  • Health Services
  • Health workers
  • Health Equity
GEOGRAPHYGlobal, with priority geographies in:
  • East Africa
  • Southeast Asia
  • United States
TEAMStrong management team beyond founder
INNOVATIONPotential for transformative change from status quo