Our Impact

Patients Reached
Health Workers Supported
Impact in LMICs
    • Patients Reached: The number of lives directly impacted by the innovative healthcare services and products of our portfolio companies, since the time of our investment.
    • Health Workers Supported: Including through new jobs, resources, training and improvements to care delivery from our portfolio companies. An estimated 10 million patients and customers have been reached by health workers as a result of these investments.
    • Impact in LMICs: With a focus on global health equity, our portfolio companies are primarily reaching patients in low- and middle-income countries where many people lack access to quality and affordable healthcare.

    Measurement & Evaluation
    We take a rigorous approach to assess the potential impact of companies during diligence, and then monitor and encourage performance in the portfolio—focusing on three key dimensions of impact:

    • Scale: the number of patients reached or health workers supported
    • Access: creating new opportunities for populations health systems have historically not reached or underserved
    • Depth: the degree of improvement to health outcomes

    A bold vision for the future, a world where everyone has access to affordable and quality healthcare.

    JJIV is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

    Reaching Patients

    Our portfolio companies are breaking down barriers for populations health systems have historically not reached or underserved—whether through primary health services to low-income patients in Kenya or culturally conscious care for communities of color in the US.

    Theory of Change

    We don’t want to just reach lives, we want to improve them… and do this through sustainable business models that can scale and grow to impact millions of patients and inspire other innovators around the world.