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We invest in purpose-driven entrepreneurs innovating at the front lines of care.
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Given an estimated $371 billion annually is needed to achieve the United Nations 2030 Sustainable Development Goals, traditional philanthropy alone will not be sufficient to meet financing needs in global health. Impact investing can play a unique role in helping the world achieve these goals.

$700 billion
impact investment market size
but only 7% is in health

Launched in November 2019, Johnson & Johnson Impact Ventures is an impact investment vehicle within the Johnson & Johnson Foundation that deploys investments in healthcare innovations that address health workforce and healthcare challenges in low-income and diverse communities. J&J Impact Ventures works with public, private and philanthropic sectors to catalyze investments through social impact bonds and innovative finance vehicles to pursue the best ideas that push boundaries and surface new opportunities to advance community-based health.

J&J Impact Ventures $50M Announcement
J&J Impact Ventures $50M Announcement

In October 2021, J&J Impact Ventures announced it is putting $50 million from the Johnson & Johnson Foundation in innovative financing to work to find and support health impact entrepreneurs to improve healthcare in communities around the world where markets fail and governments alone are not able to meet the need.

Why Johnson & Johnson?

As the largest broad-based healthcare company in the world, Johnson & Johnson has an important and unique role to play in fueling innovation in human health. J&J Impact Ventures is uniquely positioned to harness Johnson & Johnson's network, knowledge and expertise to help companies overcome structural barriers and scale as well as to draw on an array of traditional philanthropic tools and innovative market-based approaches such as impact investing. No one company can solve complex public health challenges alone; J&J Impact Ventures, with its broader platform for innovative finance, aims to galvanize necessary private funding towards bridging the health gap at scale.

J&J Impact Ventures can provide not only catalytic funding, but also access to transformational technical assistance programs, mentorship and network. As part of our portfolio approach, J&J Impact Ventures seeks to identify opportunities and engagements where Johnson & Johnson can be instrumental in its value add, whether it’s providing short term employee engagement opportunities or executive mentorship as part of board governance.

We invite you to join us on the journey and progress towards a more equitable future where health is within the reach of everyone, everywhere.

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"It is my hope that the launch of Johnson & Johnson Impact Ventures will help galvanize further private funding towards bridging the health gap, improving communities globally and ultimately making the world a healthier place."
- Joseph Wolk, Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer for Johnson & Johnson and Chairman of the J&J Impact Ventures Investment Committee

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