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J&J Impact Ventures Commits $50 Million to Support Health Impact Entrepreneurs

Johnson & Johnson launched J&J Impact Ventures in 2019 with a mission to invest our time, expertise, and capital in entrepreneurs who share our mission of improving health for everyone, everywhere.

Today, I am excited to announce that we are expanding our commitment in J&J Impact Ventures to $50 million projected to be fully deployed by 2026, allowing us and our portfolio of mission-driven partners to yield greater social and financial returns, and enabling us to reach even more communities worldwide.

As the United Nations estimated in 2017, despite critical government and philanthropic investments, a $237B annual gap remains between the funding available for healthcare, and the funding needed to address the pressing healthcare challenges around the world. Through J&J Impact Ventures, Johnson & Johnson is leveraging the power of impact investing to help close that gap and empower our portfolio companies to change the future of health for all of humanity.

Learn more about how JJIV’s approach to impact investing is advancing health for all:

J&J Impact Ventures $50M Announcement
J&J Impact Ventures $50M Announcement