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Social Impact Heroes: Why & How Johnson & Johnson’s Alice Lin Fabiano Is Helping To Change Our World

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"Be unapologetically yourself. We are often told to fit in, but I learned the freedom of embracing my own individuality over time. As a female and an Asian, we are the least likely to be promoted to the management level, and because of that, we try to mold ourselves into something to reach that goal, often at the expense of being our own unique selves."

Alice Lin Fabiano is a Global Director at Johnson & Johnson Impact Ventures, Global Community Impact. In this capacity, she leads Johnson & Johnson’s social innovation and investment strategy to foster a healthy, vibrant innovation ecosystem. Her team partners with technologists, entrepreneurs, social venture investors, thought leaders, and communities in the discovery and nurturing of ideas addressing some of society’s toughest health challenges.

Authority Magazine's Yitzi Weiner interviewed Alice Lin Fabiano for its series about "individuals and organizations making an important social impact."