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Trust, Not Technology, Bonds Patients and Providers

JJIV is committed to transforming health systems and driving equitable healthcare by not just investing in a technology, service or delivery mechanism, but also the people behind them who have demonstrated interest and commitment to building trust into their market-driven solutions.
Doctor,Consulting,Patient,With,Digital,Tablet,,Discussing,Diagnosis,And,Medical Doctor,Consulting,Patient,With,Digital,Tablet,,Discussing,Diagnosis,And,Medical
Doctor consulting patient with digital tablet, discussing diagnosis and medical checkup in hospital. Healthcare worker and trusted physician in appointment with medicine advice, wellness and

The United Nations Secretary-General recently summarized the world’s state of digital affairs: “The world is shifting from analog to digital faster than ever before, further exposing us to the vast promise and peril of new technologies.”

This contrast of promise against peril is particularly life-threatening in healthcare.

While there is disagreement about how to specifically define trust, it has been described as the “keystone” of patients’ relationship with health professionals and an important concept in all caring disciplines, where relationships are not necessarily formed by choice. In this context, trust is a set of expectations that the healthcare provider will do the best for the patient, acting with goodwill while recognizing the patient’s vulnerability.