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Why J&J Impact Ventures Invests in Other Funds

HealthQuad and Cross-Border Impact Ventures, two healthcare impact venture funds recently selected by J&J Impact Ventures, share a common vision for supporting impact entrepreneurs in healthcare areas that have great potential but also great need.
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J&J Impact Ventures invests in other funds to broaden its reach. Its investment in the fund, HealthQuad, is driving healthcare solutions in India, which could improve health outcomes and the day-to-day of health workers like Kola Lakshmi, an Accredited Social Health Activist (pictured right).

Investing in purpose-driven entrepreneurs innovating at the front lines of care – that’s the core mission of Johnson & Johnson Impact Ventures (J&J Impact Ventures), an investment fund within the Johnson & Johnson Foundation. Although the primary focus of our work has been investing directly in healthcare companies, direct investment is only one of several ways that we are supporting innovation in the healthcare impact space.

Another key component of our broader fund strategy is to invest in other impact funds. Why? We believe this is an important way to effectively pool resources, catalyze additional funding, support entrepreneurs and enterprises in the health impact space that may not meet J&J Impact Ventures’ criteria for direct investment, and, ultimately, reach the communities most in need.