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Why Kenyan Nonprofit Jacaranda Health Spun Out Its Hospital as a Social Venture

As a standalone social venture, Jacaranda Maternity was able to break even and now has two busy hospitals and opening a third to help tens of thousands of women across Kenya through their pregnancies.
Nurses at Jacaranda Maternity Hospital.jpg Nurses at Jacaranda Maternity Hospital.jpg

Around the world, too many women do not have access to safe, respectful maternity care when delivering their babies. Families with money can afford good care, but many populations have to rely on broken or strained public health systems.

These deep inequities persist from East Africa to the United States and can result in poor outcomes for mothers and their babies. At Jacaranda Health, we’ve found a way to support tens of thousands of women through their pregnancies in Kenya through a unique business structure that aligned our leadership and capital needs.