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Impact Ventures by J&J Foundation invests in Hamilton Health Box to offer primary care ‘microclinics’ in rural communities, workplaces, school campuses

IMPACT_Impact Investment Banners_Hamilton_02.png IMPACT_Impact Investment Banners_Hamilton_02.png

“Until now, it’s been financially and logistically challenging to provide outlying communities with the high-quality care they need – and deserve. But we’ve created a unique way to meet more people where they are, with a small footprint, high-touch model that works practically anywhere,” said Hamilton Health Box CEO & Founder, Dr. Toby R. Hamilton.

Pioneering a new model for primary care, Hamilton Health Box is an early-stage company that sets up and staffs prefabricated “microclinic” facilities to provide in-person care and digital telehealth to communities with limited or no healthcare options. They initially focused on launching clinics at employer worksites and are now expanding to meet needs in rural markets, where up to 100 million Americans live with insufficient care options.

This commitment to reach communities in healthcare deserts attracted Impact Ventures by J&J Foundation to learn more and ultimately invest in the company in 2024. Vince Barragan, Investment Director at Impact Ventures, believes that Hamilton Health Box presents a promising solution that could reshape the trajectory of health for rural Americans.

“Expanding health access in communities in primary care deserts is a difficult task, and the model that Hamilton Health Box provides for delivering quality, affordable primary care can reshape this landscape,” he shared. “We are excited to support Hamilton Health Box as it continues to grow and improve care for more Americans.”