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Johnson & Johnson Impact Ventures invests in Health In Her HUE to improve health outcomes for Black women in US communities

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Black women in the United States face unique challenges when receiving healthcare services. All too often they face racism and sexism from healthcare providers, expressed both implicitly and explicitly. These biases are part of the reason they also face worse health outcomes than their white counterparts and why Ashlee Wisdom co-founded digital platform Health In Her HUE in 2018.

Health In Her HUE connects Black women and women of color with culturally sensitive healthcare providers who can authentically and appropriately address their unique needs. It also equips them with health information and content through blogs, videos and live events with medical professionals. Further, Health In Her HUE matches users to virtual Care Squads—a learning curriculum and peer support group centered around a specific health topic—which meet regularly for live discussions led by trained facilitators. Health In Her Hue also works with healthcare providers to improve clinical outcomes through cultural sensitivity training and resources. 

To date, Health In Her HUE has harnessed the power of technology, media and community to help more than 12,000 Black women get the care and information they need.

“I have experienced firsthand the pain that comes from constantly facing discrimination, indifference and dismissal in healthcare settings. It’s isolating and discouraging, and countless other Black women have told me stories about feeling the same way. Health In Her HUE is empowering women of color to address these issues. We can heal and take control of our health together.” – Ashlee Wisdom, Co-Founder and CEO of Health In Her HUE

J&J Impact Ventures, an impact fund within the Johnson & Johnson Foundation, recently invested in Health In Her HUE to support their plans to scale Care Squads and virtual consultations, reach new community members and further develop the platform.

“We are committed to uplifting innovations in community-led health. Entrepreneurs like Ashlee model the power of leveraging lived experiences to create health equity solutions, as well as representative leadership in healthcare. We’re proud to support Health In Her HUE’s work.” – Vince Barragán, Investment Director at J&J Impact Ventures