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Partnering with Villgro Africa to Support Health Workers Across the Continent

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In 2021, Villgro Africa and JJIV partnered to launch an incubation program for startups in Africa whose solutions support frontline health workers (FLHW). A total of 65 applications were received from seven East African countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, Tanzania and Uganda. From this pool of candidates, Benacare, Streamline Health and Zuri Health won funding and incubation support for their outstanding innovations supporting frontline health workers across the continent.

Benacare delivers high-quality, affordable clinical and supportive care to people with life-limiting illnesses in the comfort of their own homes. Learn more: Interview with Benacare Co-founder Naom Monari

Streamline Health helps rural hospitals in Africa transition from paper-based to electronic medical record-keeping. Learn more: How Streamline is bridging the digital divide for rural healthcare

Zuri Health is increasing accessibility and affordability of healthcare across sub-Saharan Africa with a virtual hospital innovation: an end-to-end platform allowing patients to access their entire healthcare journey in one place, from scheduling a doctor’s appointment to buying medication to booking a lab test. Learn more: Interview with Zuri Health Co-founder Ikechukwu Anoke

In March 2023, Villgro Africa looked back on seven years of impact in health innovation, including the FLHW program supporting Benacare, Streamline Health and Zuri Health. Learn more: Impact Report: Villgro Africa Celebrates 7 Years