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Unlocking Opportunity for Impact in Digital Health With Diverse Entrepreneurs

The remarkable growth of the digital health innovation market comes alongside concerning data that investors are missing some of the biggest opportunities—to the detriment of public health overall. How can investors ensure they are acting on the promise of digital health to impact the lives of all?
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Every day, a new technological innovation hits the market that promises to transform the way that we live, work, play, learn, and connect with one another.

However, it has also become evident that technology can have adverse effects that exponentially impact millions of people—especially when hastily designed, deployed, and scaled.

Increasingly, this dichotomy is relevant for an emerging set of digital tools influencing our health. At Rock Health, we call these solutions digital health innovations. These innovations are helping patients to monitor their glucose levels, assess sleeping patterns, and access medical products and services through virtual marketplaces; providers to monitor the health status of high-risk patients and engage with other patients that live in remote settings; and payers and employers to provide an expanded array of services to increasingly diverse populations, among countless other use cases.